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Utopias? Collection

Genre: Documentary – Society
Duration: 6 x 52′
Language: French, English
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2022
Format: HD
Origin: French


Sel and Mazette, orphaned from their ZAD, trying to make «a country within a country» in Belgium; Ane working alone on her native land in the Basque Country and participating in the reinvention of the cooperative system in the region; a village that dares to be peaceful in the middle of Israel, a territory torn by wars for far too long; men and women in Brazil who are reclaiming their land and building their dignity by cultivating it; the Kichwas, an indigenous people of the Amazonian forest, reinventing their own democracy to repel the assaults of the oil companies… So many stories, so many women and men, as many utopians. An immersion into each moment of their habits and their rituals, in the regular appointments as in the unexpected, from early morning until late at night. In this way, we tried to seize the so-alive rhythm of these utopias, the savor of these dreams lived by the women and men in the six corners of the world.

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