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Uberto of the Mirrors

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 80 mins
Language: Italian
Subtitle: Italian, English, Turkish, French, Spanish
Production Year: 2016
Format: HD
Origin: Italian


The life journey of theatre set designer Uberto Bertacca (Viareggio, 1936) is a testament to dedication, creativity, passion, and intuition. Over four decades, he has woven his career through the fabric of Italian Theatre, touching upon various genres such as prose, opera, and musical comedy. His influence extends beyond the stage, reaching into realms of cinema, television, and even prestigious events like the Sanremo Festival, both in Italy and internationally across France, Spain, Holland, and Germany. Bertacca’s visionary and innovative set designs have left an indelible mark on theatrical history, particularly exemplified by his iconic work on Ronconi’s unforgettable production of Orlando Furioso in 1969. Collaborating with acclaimed directors including Luca Ronconi, Giancarlo Sepe, Garinei, Giovannini, and Peter Del Monte, Bertacca’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the giants of Italian Theatre. Today, Bertacca lives a quiet and independent life, far from the limelight, in a quaint Tunisian city. As the artist who once conjured magic on stage with mirrors, black boxes, and utopian layouts, he now seeks a renewed sense of purpose, reflected in the mirror of his own existence.

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