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The Zimov Hypothesis – Back to the Ice Age

Genre: Documentary – Discovery – Environment – Science
Duration: 52′ / 90′
Language: English / French
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2021
Format: HD
Origin: French


Past the Arctic circle, in deepest Siberia, two Russian scientists, Serguei Zimov and his son Nikita, are conducting a unique experiment: turning back time and going back to the Ice Age to save the world from imminent environmental disaster. According to the Zimov’s hypothesis, a large scale reintroduction of herbivores would stop the permafrost melting and the resulting environmental catastrophe. Could the mammoth’s return to Siberia save humanity? This is the story of a scientific and philosophic quest at the end of the world. For all scientists agree on at least one thing: that the melting permafrost is one of the most dangerous and serious environmental catastrophes to come. This frozen layer under the earth’s surface incubates millions of tons of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Just a few degrees warmer, and the fragile permafrost will set off a climate bomb. Sergey Zimov claims he has found a way to counter this threat.

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