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The Way You Shine

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Urban
Duration: 24 x 45’
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2023
Format: HD
Director: Hong Bohao
Origin: China


Zhou Xin Xing is a young woman who has been through a lot. Her first marriage to a dermatologist ended in divorce. She once dreamed of opening a French-style patisserie and living a long, happy life with her husband. But those dreams are now in tatters. She has had to put her dreams of opening her own shop on hold after a death in the family, followed by financial difficulties. She takes a job at a dessert shop called Les Années Lentes. It is here that she meets Xia Tian Yu, the third generation heir of the Yucheng business group. His family wants him to become the CEO of the group, but Xia Tian Yu has no intention of doing so. Although he seems cold and uncaring, he actually has a warm heart and is suffering from a traumatic childhood incident. He also ends up working at Les Années Lentes. Later, he begins to develop feelings for Zhou Xin Xing. And the duo decides to enter a prestigious dessert-making competition. But love rivals are not far behind, and longtime admirers of both Zhou Xin Xing and Xia Tian Yu are ready to make their moves! Will this unlikely duo find love – or will the pressures of society take their toll?

Available for MENA & Turkey