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Endless Summer / The Vacation Never Ends

Genre: Comedy /Drama
Duration: 24 x 24’
Language: Russian
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2015
Format: HD
Origin: Russia


“The Vacation Never Ends” — one of the most large-scale and unusual projects of a new spring season on CTC. Seaside landscapes of five European countries became natural scenery for this romantic story. The film crew spent more than 20 days in the Mediterranean Sea on the deck of the real cruise liner. Andrew and Sasha got acquainted on board. He worked as the captain’s mate while she was celebrating her birthday in style! The party turned out so fierily lovely that the ship has burned down. As a result – Andrew has lost his work, and Sasha’s father – his patience. As a disciplinary process he sends the daughter to his cruise liner to work as a common stewardess. Here Sasha meets Andrew again, who is working on the same liner as the deputy commanding officer. Now they have a whole year to sort out their relations and try not to take down one more ship… There are four more Russian friends on the ship except them, who are also working at this cruise liner. They have to spend more than one month side by side, working, having a good time together and, of course, falling in love. Every new episode involves viewers into a whirl of activity: new adventures and comic situations with odd passengers set against a backdrop of dizzy sea landscapes. Sunny, lovely and vivid project – as a good vacation should be!