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The Surprising World of Rabbits

Genre: Documentary – Animal – Discovery
Duration: 52′
Language: English / French
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2019
Format: HD
Origin: French


Is there a more inoffensive creature than the rabbit? At first sight, anyway… -And yet this herbivorous animal, an easy prey for all manner of predators, has developed a range of astonishing faculties to survive. Sight, hearing, speed, language, reproduction, cooperation… abilities honed and perfected over the centuries in order to adapt to the environment, and which are often more than surprising. This film explores the rabbit’s super powers, seen in a variety of unusual situations in a range of countries around the world. We shall see how the fluffy, cuddly bunny often with a rather random life expectancy – can prove to be highy resourceful and even indomitable, if they get the opportunity… Prey or pest, weak or strong, cute or dangerous… the rabbit is all of these, and much, much more.

Available for Turkey