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Genre: Thriller / Criminal / Detective / Mystic
Duration: 52 x 48’
Language: Russian
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2017 – 2023
Format: HD
Origin: Russia


Gleb lives sterile life in a sealed environment. He breathes air cleaned from bacteria and allows only sterile relationships that are free of empathy, affection or other ‘contaminations’. He looks at the world through a window – a window of a web browser. It is his job though: Gleb is a genius hacker who fights criminals. His nickname is ‘Spider’. He gathers a team of allied that consists of a criminal police detective, an archive officer, a street racer, a former prostitute and a forensic pathologist from the city mortuary. All of them are the best in their fields but none of them is fitted into the society. All of them are trapped in their own spider web…