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Son of Hero

Genre: Feature / Costume
Duration: 48 x 45’
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2023
Format: HD
Director: Ze Xie
Origin: China


Yue Lei, Yue Fei’s second son, is a born rebel and cynic. Yue Lei starts on the path of revenge on his own following the deaths of his father and brother. Yet instead of killing Qin Hui as planned, he is repeatedly in danger of dying while being used. Yue Lei puts a lot of effort into locating proof of Qin Hui’s disloyalty with the assistance of a Prince who is martial mania and loyal retainer. Finally, Yue Lei was able to topple Qin Hui, avenge the death of his father and brother, and take over his father’s duty as the nation’s new guardian.

Available for MENA & Turkey