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Lanky Girls

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Duration: 59 x 24’
Language: Russian
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2019 – 2022
Format: HD
Origin: Russia


The main character is Mikhail Kovalyov, a talented and successful coach in the men’s volleyball Super League. He compensates for his extremely short stature with a steep disposition and aggressive behavior. He lives on a grand scale and constantly changes the women he treats as a consumer. Due to another trick, he conflicts with the new president of the Volleyball Federation – a woman. As a result, “big” volleyball is closed for him. Now, in order to get a chance for a comeback, he must lead the women’s student team to the leaders of the championship of his native provincial town. This condition is set before him by his mother – an oppressive and domineering woman, in the past a famous volleyball player and the first coach of the woman-president of the Federation. Mikhail needs to overcome himself and learn to respect girls, accept their problems and stop perceiving them only as sexual objects.