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Kid-e-cats and the Vast of Adventures – The Movie

Genre: Animated Movies
Duration: 65’
Language: Russian
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2022
Format: HD
Origin: Russia


One day Cookie, Candy, Pudding and their parents went on vacation to the sea. Kittens are looking forward to adventures, but they are disappointed – there is a measured rest at the resort and they quickly get bored. Suddenly kittens meet a whole colony of crabs on the beach. Among them is the crab Cracker, who becomes their friend. Rest ceases to be boring, Cookies, Candy, Pudding spend all day with new friends. Everything is going great until they see the poster of the Crab Festival in the lobby of the hotel. Parents explain that at this festival they choose not the coolest, but the most delicious crab, a world-famous chef is already going to the hotel. Kittens are terrified – their crab friends urgently need to be rescued!