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Cutie Cubies

Genre: Preschool – Edutainment (3 – 8 years old)
Duration: 52 eps x 7 mins
Production Year: 2016 – 2020
Format: 3D HD
Origin: Russia


The animated series about the adventures of four alien- cubies: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Arriving on our planet they disguised themselves as the representatives of local flora and fauna: red hare, yellow chicken, blue aquarium and green bush. In the first season, Cubies get acknowledged with diverse phenomena on Earth with the help of children: a smart buta little bit unfortunate boy Brad and a cheerful and inventive girl Lily. In the second season, the Cubies return to the planet Cubo, where they solve different problems on the basis of their earthly experience with the help of their fantasy and a cube machine.


Available for Turkey