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Cupid’s Kitchen

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Food – Cooking
Duration: 40 x 45’
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2022
Format: HD
Director: Li Jun
Origin: China


Blessed with an acute sense of taste, Lin Ke Song can uniquely identify the ingredients in any dish, with just a single bite. Despite her rare gift, she has never been much of a cook and has never given much thought to pursuing a culinary arts career. At least not until the day she met Michelin-certified chef, Jiang Qian Fan. Smitten by another man, Ke Song decides to follow her one-sided love to Shang Hai, in hopes of winning his affection; however, all her plans are derailed soon after her arrival. Crossing paths with Qian Fan not long after, the highly acclaimed chef is intrigued by her rare gift. Taking her under his wing, Qian Fan begins to teach Ke Song how to apply her skills in the kitchen. Working together, they prepare for an upcoming cooking competition, but the road leading them there is full of potholes. Struggling to find her place in the kitchen, Ke Song endures Qian Fan’s rigorous training. Difficult as it may be, she slowly begins to develop her own set of skills, gaining not only newfound confidence but Qian Fan’s admiration as well. But will any of this be enough to give her what her heart truly desires?

Available for MENA & Turkey