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Ekaterina: Pretenders

Genre: Historical Drama
Duration: 16 x 52’
Language: Russian
Subtitle: English
Production Year: 2020
Format: HD
Director: Dmitri Iosifov
Origin: Russia


1774. The rule of the great and mighty Ekaterina is threatened. The Russo-Turkish War continues, draining the Empire’s treasury.Numerous pretenders appear with claims to the throne. The Peasants’ War is in full swing – a war led by Yemelyan Pugachev, who passed himself off as Peter III. There is danger brewing inside the palace, too: the noblemen want to pass the throne on to her oldest son, Paul. Ekaterina’s personal life is troubled. She has lost hope of having a child with Prince Potemkin. She has new love interests, new favorites. But the biggest and most important love of the Empress is Russia itself. Ekaterina has to make decisions that determine the fate of her throne and her empire.


“Ekaterina“ triumphed at the MEDIAMIXX 2017 Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. The series took the first prize of the following categories: “Best Drama”, “Best Director“, “Best Camera”. The TV series was awarded Orpheus statuette at the TEFI awards (the most prestigious award given in the Russian television industry), and the Golden Eagle Award (an award given by the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia). The Hollywood Reporter placed “Ekaterina“ third in its twenty best foreign series list. The saga about love and rule of the Russian Empress has been translated into 20 languages and sold to 104 countries.

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