Company Profile

Mete Media Distribution and Production is a leading media company specializing in distributing and producing television series, films, documentaries, animations, and various formats. As an innovative and dynamic company, we focus on selecting and distributing captivating content from talented creators and producers. Our experienced team keeps up with emerging trends to reach a broad audience through digital and traditional channels. As Mete Media, we are passionate about storytelling and aim to bridge cultures and create meaningful connections. We honor the legacy of our esteemed family elder, Ömer Lütfi Mete, a brilliant screenwriter known for iconic series like Deliyürek. The journey of distribution of the Turkish series began in 2003 with Deliyürek's sale to Kazakhstan. We continue to grow and seek expansion opportunities through future joint ventures.


"To become a global leader in the media industry, driving innovation and enriching lives through compelling storytelling and world-class content distribution."


As Mete Media Distribution and Production, our mission is to connect diverse audiences worldwide with exceptional entertainment experiences. We strive to achieve this by nurturing partnerships with talented creators and producers, ensuring the seamless distribution of captivating TV series, films, documentaries, animations and formats. Through our commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of audience preferences, we aim to leave a lasting impact on the media landscape and inspire meaningful connections between content and viewers."

An Intellectual Guide and Source of Wisdom

In remembrance of our beloved father Ömer Lütfi Mete, a distinguished journalist, accomplished writer, and cherished family member. His indomitable spirit, unwavering dedication to truth, and profound wisdom touched the lives of countless readers and admirers. Throughout his remarkable career, Ömer Lütfi Mete fearlessly explored the depths of storytelling, shedding light on untold narratives and bringing forth the beauty of words to life. His pen was a beacon of knowledge, guiding us through the intricacies of life and the world around us. As a father, he showered us with love, kindness, and valuable life lessons. Ömer Lütfi Mete's literary legacy continues to inspire generations, and his memory remains forever etched in our souls. His words and spirit will continue to guide and inspire us on our journey through life.